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First & Second Grade

In grades 1 and 2 children begin formal instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics, science, and social studies.

  • grade2_content.jpgReading, writing, and math are integrated into daily activities and into all academic units.
  • Students meet in grade-level reading groups, where they learn skills in decoding, reading fluently, and comprehending and reflecting on what they have read.
  • In “Writer’s Workshop” students write stories about events or ideas important to them, while also acquiring spelling and writing skills. They learn to revise and edit their writing, to share their work with others, and to listen and respond to other students’ work.
  • In separate 1st and 2nd grade groups, children begin a more structured study of mathematics, following the In Focus curriculum.
  • Social studies units include the Civil Rights Movement, Communities and Community Helpers, and “Origins,” a year-long unit in which children learn history by studying the generations in their own and their classmates’ families.
  • Science units include liquids, soils, weather, and “Balls and Ramps,” a unit that involves basic physics observations and discussion.
  • Children study and work in the CitySprouts courtyard garden as part of their science program.