Grade Structure

Kindergarten classes at King Open are full-day and include five-year-olds and older four-year-olds (those with birthdays before March 31st). Students who attend for two years remain with the same teacher.  In most instances children must be six years old before September 1st to enter 1st grade.

Grades 1-4
For grades 1-4, classes are of combined grades (1/2, 3/4), and students spend two years in the same classroom with the same teacher. Reading and math, however, are taught in separate grade-level groups.

For these blended grades K-4, curricula rotate on two-year cycles so students do not repeat topics.

King Open has combined grades because:

  • Teachers and students form closer relationships over two years.
  • Teachers learn the strengths and weaknesses of each student.
  • Students avoid the stress of changing classrooms and teachers every year.
  • Students experience being a “novice” in their first year, when they learn classroom routines from the older students in their class, and an “expert” in their second year. Instructing younger students builds confidence and deepens students’ knowledge.
  • Combined-grades knit the school together as students move through the grades and become friends with students of different ages.

Fifth Grade
Fifth Grade is the transition year to the Upper School system (grades 6-8). Classes are no longer blended grades. There are two regular King Open program classrooms and one Olá classroom.