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Visual arts are emphasized throughout the King Open curriculum.

  • art_content.jpgAll students have separate art classes once a week.
  • Crafts or art projects, music, dance, puppetry, and/or drama are integrated into all academic units.
  • Students learn skills such as drawing, painting, and ceramics, and concepts such as color, pattern, and texture in their weekly art classes.
  • Art class projects are often related to students’ social studies units.

The Guiding Principles for Visual Art at King Open

  1. Pursuit of Mastery of Skills: Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Crafts, Ceramics & Sculpture.
  2. Appreciation of Art & Respect for Individual Expression: Art history, Student critiques & discussions: Students respond to their artwork and the art work of others.
  3. Self Discovery: Students make connections to their lives, community & culture.  

Connections to the King Open Curriculum

Students apply Art to learning other subjects (Social Studies, Language Arts, Math). Many projects integrate knowledge from the classroom curriculum and social justice curriculum when possible. **( If you have space for specifics)

K: Creating and naming patterns, Observational drawings & prints of monarch butterflies

½: Mixing skin colors, ourselves & our families portraits/ self portraits

¾: Native American Arts, Colonial Art, Middle Ages & Renaissance, Mayan Art)

5: Native Cultures, breaking stereotypes, petroglyphs & early language

To learn more about Arts Education at King Open, click here (pdf).