King Open School Council

School Council Membership 2016 - 2017                          

Our Parent Representatives are:

Norah Hass ( School Council Co-Chair)
Vishal Iyer
Thom Doyle
Matthew Wolfe
Dabney Hailey

Our Staff Representatives are:

Darrell Williams
Neusa DaCosta
Bucky O'Hare
Ada Riggins
Kathleen Kolman
Amy Monkiewicz

Meeting Dates
All meetings are typically held on the third Wednesday of the month from 5-6:30PM in the King Open Library & Technology Center; see our school calendar for exact dates. Childcare is available for most meetings.

Under state law, all public schools are mandated to have elected SchoolCouncils, made up of parent, community and staff representatives,including the principal. The KO School Council works with Darrell Williams on budget priorities, develops the school improvement plan,speaks for King Open in the wider school/city community, oversees the subcommittee structure, and discusses school-wide issues and events.Parent members of the council bring parent concerns and questions and ideas to Council meetings. The School Council holds meetings once a month open to all staff and parents, who are invited to join in discussions. (Childcare is available for most meetings.) Members serve on the school council for a 2-year term and are elected in the fall of the school year.

Notes & Documents
Meeting minutes and other School Council-related documents are available on the password-protected download page. The password will be published on theKO email lists.