King Open Email Lists

There are two e-mail lists at King Open.

Announcement-Only List
The Announcement-Only List is moderated and information can only be posted after approval. Less traffic and school related information only.
To subscribe send email to:

Family Discussion List
The Family Discussion List is a forum for parents/guardians of current KO students to discuss issues, ask school-related questions of other parents, make connections, and brainstorm ideas. The list is unmoderated—messages are not screened before they go to the list. This list usually has more traffic that the Announcement-Only list.

To subscribe to this list, send an email message to

NOTE: Every message that is posted to the Announcement-Only list is also sent to the Family Discussion list, so there is no need to belong to both lists. If you want the minimum emails with just school/CPS/education-related information, join the Announcement list. If you want all of that plus discussions and postings from KO family members, join the Family list.