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First Grade Social Studies “Community” Unit

First Grade Social Studies “Community” Unit
Posted on 12/23/2016
Community GatheringOn Thursday, December 8th, the first grade celebrated with families in a Community Gathering and Breakfast. The first graders sang songs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. As part of their year long project based learning about "community," the students shared with parents what they had learned when they interviewed important King Open School community workers. They read speeches and presented painted portraits of non-teaching staff in an effort to reveal the “behind the scenes”work of the school. The children learned how many people are here to help them and how their work contributes to the King Open School community.  

At the family breakfast after the presentation, the children shared additional projects that supported their learning. Besides painting portraits of the people they interviewed, they painted hand prints using multicultural paint to demonstrate the wonderful diversity in the King Open School community. They painted and wrote about one of the many other communities of which they are members too. Families had an opportunity to view the children's work and celebrate with the children in their classrooms.