Autism Spectrum Disorders Program (ASD)

This program is designed for students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Students in ASD classrooms receive evidence-based programming that emphasizes safety, independence, social, functional, and academic skills. Students are provided with intensive empirically based instruction delivered throughout the day in various settings (one on one, one on two and in small groups).

ASD classes provide intensive systematic use of applied behavioral teaching techniques and educational programming. The elementary classrooms are comprised of a lead teacher and at least two assistants with a maximum of five students per classroom. The middle school classrooms are slightly larger, but continue to provide intensive staffing and support.

Related service providers consult with classroom staff and provide direct services to the students. All staff are trained in evidence-based practices that are designed to address the uneven patterns of development and deficit areas seen in students on the autism spectrum: social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, repetitive behaviors or interests, distractibility, difficulty organizing information, difficulty generalizing and maintaining what they learn, and sensory integration dysfunction.

All students are involved with typically developing peers during lunch and recess, as well as in all school-based activities, field trips, assemblies etc. Students are integrated with typically developing peers in general education classroom during academic and social activities as appropriate. Reverse inclusion, where typical peers come to the ASD classroom to interact and model behavior for the students, is also facilitated in this program. An ASD Inclusion Team supports students that are fully integrated with typical peers. The IEP team provides ongoing assessment and identification of students who are ready for full inclusion.

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