Fifth Grade

In 5th grade, teachers emphasize more independent learning skills and more abstract concepts. Assignments are longer and more complex, and students are taught how to plan their time and divide projects into parts. Writing expectations increase, and students write longer stories, poems, essays, and more formal, structured reports. Teachers stress the value of primary sources.

  • grade5_content.jpgThe social studies cycle focuses on U.S. history from pre-European times to the Civil War, with units such as “Native People and the Land,” “Rights,” “Resistance to Slavery,” “Daily Life,” and “The Industrial Revolution.” Students visit Old Sturbridge Village and the mill museums in Lowell.
  • Each class performs a classic play such as one by Shakespeare or a play the students have written together. The plays are performed in the evening in the King Open auditorium for family, staff, and friends.
  • Science units include ecosystems, magnets and motors, oceanography, and computers.
  • In music, the year is devoted to instrumental exploration, and students are given one or two weeks of instruction in many of the major instruments (in middle school they will choose one instrument).